Chair: Round 2 FIGHT!

Alright, as promised, only a day behind schedule, we’re back to work on the chair and this time, I’m gonna get it, if not right, then not so glaringly wrong as before. Now I’m as into the swing of things as I’ve ever been, the tricks that I figured out with Mudbox and Spec Power maps are fresh in my mind, and now I can go about shooting for accuracy rather than wrestling with the software.


So, here we are. Remodeled the base pretty much from scratch. I kept the casters and the seat frame since all they needed were some tweaks to their proportions and positions from the original version but were otherwise pretty accurate.


Sculpting is where things kinda got fun. I mayhaps shouldn’t have just started over from the base mesh I sculpted on before, if for no other reason than that I forgot until I brought it back into Maya that they were exported at a time when the frame was in a very different position, and stuff just plain doesn’t line up (most notably the indent in the backrest cushion caused by the armrests wound up too high, and the seat and backrest don’t quite line up right in Maya either). However, I’ve definitely managed at least a 100% fluffiness increase over the previous version of the sculpt. Probably going to require a bit of bouncing around between Maya and Mudbox next session to get everything lined up properly.


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  1. This is definitely a noticeable improvement over the last one however I’m not sure if it’s quite there yet. I say this with all seriousness but I think doing it again from your base mesh and re sculpting it would be a good exercise.

    There’s a good number of free videos out there with Zbrush sculpting tutorials. (again I recommend just biting the bullet and downloading zbrush, you’re not making anything for commercial use so don’t feel guilty about “borrowing” the software) I recommend having them on while sculpting, even if they aren’t specifically sculpting a chair. Watch other people’s process.

  2. Also, I stumbled across this thread and it reminded me of you. I recommend reading every single post. There is a lot of good advice being given to this guy.

    Don’t continue to be this guy.

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