Chair Update

Alright, been kinda-sorta making Mudbox work for me lately (I know, I’m surprised too!). I was at first pessimistic about having all my sculpting done in time to get an update posted this week on account of, well, of still not entirely liking sculpting and still being in the very early stages of breaking all those bad habits like waiting until 9:00 PM to start working when I have to be up early the next day. But then I took a good long look at everything that I hadn’t sculpted and realized, “The rest of this doesn’t need to be sculpted. Even a…n a-long-way-from-being-good-at-textures texture artist like myself could handle these dents and scrapes on the maps without needing to get into Mudbox!”


We’ll see, hopefully I’ll be able to get a low-poly finished up by the end of the night, and maybe some UV’s and preliminary bakes before too long. I’ll probably just jam it into this post if I get it done soon enough.


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