Deli Process: Textures, Shaders, Lighting, Layout

Continued process on the Deli. Working on texturing up all the props.

Deli 09/19/2011. Props are partially textured. Strongly considering rescoping space now that I’m seeing how bad the area looks repeating the assets.

Props whose textures were mostly finished by 09/19/2011. Bread slicer is still pretty rough, and I hate to say it, but I may have to make it’s texture higher resolution. The transparency map is too chunky as a 512.

Layout as of 09/23/2011. Cut the space pretty much in half because those aisles full of shelves each with practically the same stuff on them were just looking bad, as were the four different identical deli counters. Plus, I’m now thinking of, eventually doing an exterior based on the cool, narrow, old buildings found in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, and those buildings are mostly very narrow. Hence, a narrower space.

Inspired by a deli even closer to home than downtown, that doorway leading into the back room is going to have a flag hanging down like a curtain. Undecided on whether that’d be Italy or Sicily. Need to figure out what the back room and back walls would be made of. Need to model some molding or something for all the transitional edges. Need to figure out how to fill up a bit more of this empty space (e.g. the corner under the ticket machine, the area by the coolers). Need to finish the textures on the older models, as well as the new doors and framed posters, whose textures are in various stages of incompleteness, from not even having UVs, to having some rushed diffuse detail and nothing more. Need a better “outside” material than flat emissive.

Deli Process 10/04/2011. Added in architectural details. Added more depth to storefront. Need to figure out how to convincingly attach lights to rafters, figure out material of rear wall (probably drywall or plaster. Need to finish up last couple textures. Need to get into shaders (make my own glass, figure out the metal. Thankfully the wood, brickwork, and food look good with just normal, spec, and diffuse). Noticed a couple models to add that would really make the space a bit more believable, like garbage cans. Still need to figure out what I’m doing with the shelves in the new layout.

Props textured since the 09/19/2011 update. The metal parts of the table are the clearest evidence that I’ll need to start dabbling in shaders soon.

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