Deli Process: Reducing, UVing, and Baking

After a shamefully long time not working on completing any of my projects, and an even more shamefully long time not documenting progress when I was making it, I finally got back into posting Deli Process. Since the last post (expect the other Hi-Res models to wind up there soon), I’ve starting reducing, UVing, and baking the props I have, starting, mostly, with the big furniture elements. I’ve also thrown them into UDK in a rough level layout and begun first pass lighting.

Rough Layout and lights basically unchanged since June 6, 2011. Lighting is first pass, coming only from the actual light sources with no fanciness yet. Props are getting in place as they get game-res models, UV’s, and texture bakes. Small props like bottles, cans, and other food have not been prioritized, hence the empty shelves.

All glass at this point is an Unreal glass material as a stand-in until I get to the Shader R&D point in this project.

Cooler with first pass textures as of August 02, 2011. Eventually I’m planning to make an alpha for the wire shelf. My current planned solution for populating the coolers, counters, and shelves is to place the food and drink on them in Maya and export as a single mesh. This seems like it would be less tedious than placing little props in engine, as I would be able to use Duplicate Special, or simply enter channel values, as well as not needing to re-place the props for each iteration of the shelf or every time I want to rearrange the level layout. May be problematic that they’ll all look alike, but I could probably mitigate this with multiple unique shelf layouts.

Deli Counter with first-pass textures as of August 03, 2011.

Cash Register with first-pass textures as of July 23, 2011.

Bread Slicer with first pass textures as of July 29, 2011. Still need to create transparency map for the array of blades.

Ticket Counter with first pass textures as of July 02, 2011. Need to investigate wonkiness of the bake on the chunk connecting the body to the sign. Edges in the normal map on the front part didn’t come out as sharp as I would have liked. Will need to investigate. Because it’s now sharing UV’s with the Cooler, I need to decide if it’s worthwhile to bring back the post that it was originally mounted on, and work that into the shared UVs, or simply change its position in the Level.

Wire Shelf solution. Will probably look good when covered with bread and rolls. Undecided if 990 Tris is too high or if an alpha solution would be better than the volumetric wires.

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