LeMat Revolver Process

I recently discovered the LeMat Revolver, a Civil War-era pistol with a built-in shotgun. I was looking to try my hand at some weapon modeling, so I decided to create a LeMat.

There are several models of LeMat Revolver that I’ve found reference for, and there were certain details that I could only find up-close and/or exploded view on certain models, so my revolver is an amalgam of several variants.

Revolver Blockout as of 05/21/2011. Still need to figure out the ramrod, the multiple-configuration hammer, and how the firing mechanism in the back can work. Handle and trigger region are still far from complete. Cylinder still needs to be recombined and border edges merged and softened.

Revolver Blockout 5/24/11. Remodeled the handle. Finished the ramrod. Remodeled the hammer and continued trying to figure out how best to make the hammer and firing pins fit so that it could conceivably strike in both positions. Hammer position still needs work, as it could fire the revolver portion but would not be able to strike the pin for the shotgun. Handle still missing some modeled details.

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