Chair Update: Textures Part 1

Was not looking forward to this. Had a busy week, but even without the legitimate excuses to not be texturing, I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten much farther than this because I haven’t found that wonderful, magical point where texturing stops being a chore that I know I’m going to have to keep suffering through and starts being a fun time when the thing I’m making actually starts looking like the thing I’m referencing. Until I manage to get out of this valley of texturing inability and disgust, I know I’m going to keep finding all the games I can play highlighting things on my desktop more appealing than just getting to work.

Okay, self-deprecation done? Good. Here’s where I got this week:


chair_textures_20131019Okay, so the Static Mesh Editor remains a terrible venue for screenshotting your assets. Glad to see that hasn’t changed since the last time I was at this point on a project. Sometime when my calendar isn’t derisively asking me if I’ve written my week’s blog post yet, and my feet aren’t killing me from standing at my desk most of the day, I’ll probably cobble together a quick room so I can have some tiny modicum of control over camera and light placement.

I’m actually pretty happy with most of the actual chair portion. There’s some detail work I haven’t gotten to, some flecks of spilled paint, the stitches I couldn’t manage in Mudbox, and this handprint on the back that I don’t know where it came from, but the leather looks pretty close to leather, and I finally managed to push the wood, leather, and cloth, to look like they’re not the exact same value of brown. We’re coming along here!

Just don’t look at the base. I’ve barely touched any of the painted metal parts yet (or the unpainted ones), and spec and spec power are still things that I haven’t figured out how to implement visibly the majority of the time, much less getting them to do what I actually want. A long hunt for tutorials followed by implementation is still on the to-do list.

Hopefully Part 2 can get up prior to this time on Saturday, but, you know, texturing, un-anesthetized teeth pulling, same difference…


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