Polycount “Mutant League” Challenge.

I’ve decided I’m going to make an attempt to hop into the last just-over-two-weeks of Polycount.com’s Mutant League Challenge.

In trying to figure out a sport for my mutant stadium, I stumbled upon some very interesting diving platforms. I think one of those could be fun to reimagine. I’ve got a couple thematic ideas to experiment with. I’m leaning towards either toxic sewers, or ancient catacombs. (Here, especially is some cool reference that makes me lean towards sewers. Plus, the sewers are much more hard surface and less reliant on me simultaneously learning to sculpt from the ground up…)

I’ll try and knock out some sketches in the near future, breaks at work and whatnot.

Tried out a couple sketches. I think the rectangular space has potential for some more interesting set-dressing, but the shaft is probably the more interesting space as a whole, and it lends itself more to some cool exaggeration of scale, like these mutants are doing crazy dives from an extremely high platform.

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